About Yvon Kennon

vasekilnBaltimore_march_2014_2  Yvon Kennon – Potter

The first teeny tiny plate which came out of my first woodfiring immediately made me realize that that’s what I wanted to do…. as much as possible…whenever possible…. I so love the unpredictable outcome of a woodfiring, when a group of people over a 24-36 hour period work hard (and play hard!) to create the best possible circumstances for pots to shine. I truly believe this community effort shows in the pots coming out of a wood fire: they have been fashioned and forged and now each tell their own survival story.

My work is mainly functional, although I’ve been known to stray into purely decorative. I work in stoneware and porcelain…. and tell myself that one of these days, I will have that porcelain pot with a Malcolm Davis shino which will take my breath away… something to strive for!

I was born and raised in the Netherlands (think Delft Blue), lived in England (think Bernard Leach), Spain and Japan (think Hamada Shoji) before settling in the USA many, many moons ago (think Warren Mackenzie and Jack Troy). I admire the deceivingly simple beauty of their work: an inspiration and something to aspire to every time I touch clay.

Creating pottery involves all the elements: earth which gets formed with the help of a bit of water, air to dry and fire to harden… I think that process will not grow old for me anytime soon.

I hope you will have a chance to come and visit with me sometime!